John Seevers


John Seevers makes highly adorned, Pine Needle Baskets. He uses pine needles from Long Leaf Pine Trees and coats them in shellac. His adornment includes stones, shells, found objects and Tenerife weaving.  


John became interested in coiled baskets at a 1975 exhibit at the Nelson Atkins Art Gallery in Kansas City and started collecting miniatures.  In 2004, after moving to Florida, a neighbor saw his collection and introduced him to a neighbor who made pine needle baskets.  John went to the Weeki Wachi Senior Center and learned the basics of traditional Pine Needle Basket Making.  This was a traditional Seminole craft. The Long Leaf Pine Tree grows only from North Carolina to Florida.


John says, "So, I became the quintessential Retiree: moved to Florida, became a basketmaker.


John has shown baskets in several shows, most notably an annual Fine Arts Show in Estero, Florida.  His baskets have been in galleries at Kansas City’s Nelson Atkins Museum Gift Shop as well as St Petersburg Florida, and LaConner and Bellingham, Washington.


John is currently a member of the Whatcom Art Guild  and the Stanwood-Camino Art Guild. He has an ongoing display at The  Gallery, 8702-271st Street NW, in Stanwood.


John sold many baskets via internet to Courtney Love, who reportedly gave them to Woody Harrelson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johanssson.

After displaying in Florida art shows and galleries, John moved to Washington in 2016.   


John says of his Art:  Although I came to art late in life, I have always enjoyed the interaction of light with solid objects.  The Pine Needle Baskets are a perfect medium for me to experiment with color and placement.  I want the owner to walk through the 

room and see a different basket every time.


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